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This information is current as of June 19, 2020

Recommended Servers

China Telecom

China Telecom's international connections have been increasingly throttled over the past couple years and this trend will likely continue as demand continues to exceed supply.

Right now, almost no direct connections offer fast speeds. Please use [CHINA] servers for faster speeds.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Hong Kong 2

  • Taiwan (some locations)

  • Hong Kong 1 (some locations in GuangDong)

China Unicom

China Unicom has the best international speeds of all 3 ISPs in China. International bandwidth is much less throttled and some locations may offer good speeds even when connecting directly.

If you have a choice of ISPs, we suggest getting a China Unicom line rather than China Telecom.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Japan (highly recommended)

  • Taiwan

  • Russia (recommended for north of China, including Beijing)

  • Hong Kong 2

  • Germany (some locations)

China Mobile

China Mobile's recently supassed China Unicom in total number of users, but with much less total international bandwidth, speeds tend to slow down considerably in the evenings.

Taiwan should still provide great speeds to almost all China Mobile users. If Taiwan is not available, try Japan or Germany, or else stick with the [CHINA] servers.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Taiwan (Highly recommended)

  • Japan

  • Hong Kong 1 (some locations)

  • Germany (some locations)

Other ISPs (GreatWall, etc.)

These ISPs purchase international bandwidth from the big 3. Lines are oversold and speeds in the evenings drop to almost 0.

Some locations may benefit from the [CHINA] servers special routing. If the [CHINA] servers don't give you any kind of speed, then you're left with only 1 option: finding a better ISP.

  • All [CHINA] servers


  1. On Windows, we highly recommend using V2rayNG over SSTap, as SSTap has several known bugs.

  2. Choose one of the [CHINA] for the best speeds and stability

  3. Join our telegram group to stay up to date with the latest developments: https://t.me/wannaflixvpn‚Äč