Updated: 11 October, 2020

If you are running Windows 10, we highly recommend using the Netch app instead. It supports both v2ray AND Shadowsocks, and includes a TUN/TAP engine for games.

See the guide here.

Required dependencies:

.NET framework version 4.6 or above.

This version is included in by default in Windows 8/8.1/10, but needs to be installed separately on Windows 7.

Click here to be redirected to Microsoft's website to download the .NET framework installer.

Watch Tutorial Video:

We highly recommend watching the video tutorial. You can stream it in China too.

NOTE: This is the tutorial for the older version (version 2.50). They look basically the same so it shouldn't be any issues using the old video.

We'll be releasing the new video tutorial soon

Version 3.18 and up (May 11, 2020)

Download and install

Click here to download the app. It will download it in .ZIP format.

Alternative mirrors:

Download on Github (it will download as V2rayN-Core.zip instead of V2rayN.zip; look for that filename instead in the next step)

Find the V2rayN.zip file in your download folder. Unzip it (right click > Extract all... ). Then, open the unzipped folder.

Double-click on the "V2rayN" file to install.

If there's a pop-up, click "run".

Once installed, you can find the app by searching for "v2rayN" in the search box next to the start menu.

You can find V2rayN in the tray at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Add the servers

  1. Go to your client area dashboard

  2. Select "Windows" as your device type

  3. Choose "V2ray" as your VPN type

  4. Copy the api link provided

The API link should start with https://api.wannaflix.com/apiv2.php?type=v2rayn

  1. Open the app by double clicking on the v2rayN icon (blue V) in the tray on the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. Go to "Subscriptions" > "Settings"

3. Click "Add" on the bottom

4. Paste the API link in the url box

5. Click OK

6. Go to "Subscriptions" > "Updates"

Select a server

  1. Find the v2rayN icon in the tray again

  2. This time, RIGHT CLICK on it

  3. Go to "Server" and select a server from the list

Start the VPN

Right click on the V2rayN icon in the tray (bottom right).

Go to "Http Proxy" > "Open Http proxy and set the system proxy (global mode)"

The v2ray icon should turn red when connected.